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Day 6 July 12,2009

PGC Tour 2009
Day 6 July 12, 2009
After five days of mind draining writing, I decided, while on the bus, to ask everyone else to write the blog for me today. SO everyone gets to put in their two cent with their thoughts about the tour. You should know that I had to “buy” these comments with a twizzler!
Mrs. P: There are many facets of a tour – the music, the travel, the fun of being “on their own,” but the part that I think is the best is the people part. Chaperones who did not necessarily know each other before the tour made new friends, and choristers friendship groups kept redefining themselves as they expanded as the girls got to know each other better. The better they knew each other the better the girls sang. A perfect blend, great music and great friendships. Who could ask for more?
Mrs. W: The girls were great – sounded great. I loved Quebec City and I thought it was a “fitting” last tour for me.
Fred: When things look like they are going wrong, remember- things work out somehow. Despite all the “screw ups” (logistical challenges), we had a great experience.
Chaperone Cindy B: A wonderful tour. The girls were so well behaved, sang beautifully, and I am proud to have them represent PGC. As this is my final tour, it was a pleasure to chaperone. Have fun next year!
Chaperone Mary Jo G: It was a culturally enriching experience but more so it was such a positive experience to be with so many lovely young ladies whose behavior would make their parents so proud as it made me.
Chaperone Cathy: I had a great time getting to know the girls on tour. The fun we had in Quebec City and Montreal more than made up for 22 hours on a bus.
Chaperone Joyce T: Had a wonderful time touring Canada with a great group of girls. Best wishes to Jan Westrick in her new endeavors.
Chaperone Kathleen L:
The girls were GREAT,
At Super 8
And had it all
In Montreal.
I will miss them

Chorister Hallie: I have had a wonderful time in the choir, and I’ve made some amazing friends. I’m very sad to be leaving, but I’m glad my last tour was such a wonderful one.
Chorister Kelly: I had so much fun on tour! I got to see so many amazing things and I made so many new friends. It was also such a fun experience staying with the families.
Chorister Carla: This was my first tour experience and I loved it. It was a blast. I made some great new friends and I can’t wait until next year.
Chorister Marielle: I had so much fun on tour. I got to become friends with new people and became closer to people I already knew. This, along with the amazing sightseeing and singing, added up to a fantastic tour.
Chorister Erica: I had a lot of fun on tour. I got a lot of historic background from the cities we went to and had a lot of fun meeting new people.
Chorister Lauren: I have been three tours and this was the first time I can honestly say I feel part of a PGC family. I have made so many new friends and had lots of good times with my WWP buddies. I am very sad that this was my last tour but these three trips will be something I will remember my entire life.
Chorister Kristen: This tour has been great times. Even though there have has been good and bad times I just want to thank all the girls for their dedication to the choir, and that I am so happy that I got to know all your guys better. Also there is big thanks that is due to the chaperones for all their help and kindness to me and the girls. I have loved all three tours I have been on and all of the gals. Love you!
Chorister Miranda: It is a wonderful thing to share your music to people all over while they shared their culture with us. And to do it together brings us so much closer. I have enjoyed myself more than I could have imagined.
Chorister Charlotte: Tour is way to meet new people and see things that you have never seen before. I can’t think of a better way to spend my summer.
Chorister Margaret: Tour is really fun and it a great way to meet new people and share music with them.
Chorister Galen: There were so many unforgettable things that happened on this trip from “SPIDERS!”, to singing, to sightseeing, to” sightseeing”, (ha, ha, ha!!). I had a blast on tour this year.
Chorister Johanna: I had a wonderful time in Canada. Quebec City was beautiful. I was sad to leave but now I can sleep in as late as I want to!! I will also miss the new friends I made on this trip.
Chorister Rachel: I didn’t really know the other girls quite so well until tour. But now I have become very good friends with my roommates and home stay roomies.
Chorister Sloan: I had a really great time In Canada. I loved staying at the home stay and had a really fun time getting to know the family. I also got to know different girls in the choir that I did not know that well before.
Chorister Marlena: I am so glad I can on this trip. I got closer to so many of my friends and we have had some unforgettable moments together. Can’t wait for next year.
Chorister Molly P: Tour was soooo much fun. It was great hanging out with friends shopping and, of course, singing. It was wonderful, but I still can’t wait to get home to my family and the rest of the summer.
Chorister Elizabeth: This was a fantastic trip. I had a blast wherever we went and I can’t wait for next year.
Chorister Aisling: I am so glad I came on tour. I made so many new friends. Can’t wait until next year. I am going to move to Canada when I grow up.
Chorister Katie S: Tour was amazing. I was so glad I was able to go and get to know so many amazing girls and staying with host families was so much fun. I’ll miss Canada.
Chorister Morgan: As always I had an awesome time on tour. I am really sad it is my last one but I am also glad that I got to spend it with such a great group. I’ll miss you all.
Chorister Kimmy: I really had a great time on tour and I am glad I made the choice to tag along. We sang at so many places and saw very many beautiful features of old Montreal and old Quebec City. I had such a great time that I can’t wait for the next tour.
Chorister Sarah M: This tour was great. I really got to know lots of people and I had a great time this whole time. Tour was hilarious and I can’t wait for next year.
Chorister Maddie: This was an amazing trip. I got closer to people I was already close to and met many new people. It was really fun and a great experience.
Chorister Emily: I had so much fun on tour this year. It was especially cool as I got to meet new people and immerse myself in a different culture.
Chorister Allie: Tour was so much fun this year. It was fun to learn about Canada and perform in many different places. It was cool to see what tour was like without a festival. And it was very different.
Chorister Michelle: I had a great time on tour this year. Tours are the highlight of being part of the Princeton Girlchoir. I love performing all over Canada and experiencing new and interesting customs.
Chorister Gabi: I loved being on my first tour. It was a lot of fun. It was exciting and my host family was very nice
Chorister Sophie: Tour is so much fun. I love meeting new people and performing in different places and my host family was great.
Chorister Allison: Tour was so ill. (A lot of fun)
Chorister Kerry: Tour was so much fun. I made so many great friends. It was a blast.
Chorister Claire: It was awesomely intense! Everything there is so pretty and I got to practice my French. I also made some special friends.
Chorister Raphi:
“Don’t let the light go out,
It’s lasted for so many years.
Don’t let the light go out,
Let it shine through our love and our tears.”
This was an amazing tour! We had so much fun, made great memories, and sang so much! We won’t let the light go out in the future, Mrs. Westrick! Love you!
Chorister Tegan: The tour was amazing! I didn’t know many people before the concert but I met so many nice people. The tour helped me overcome my shyness.
Chorister Angel: This year’s tour was incredible. I never knew that every word people said about it was true. I learned so much. I’m going to come again next year
Chorister Eileen: The tour this year was incredible! I learned so much about my fellow choristers and made many new friends. I can’t wait till next year.
Chorister Katie O: This was my first tour, and I just have to say that I cannot wait until next year! I got a lot closer to all of my choristers and I’m very sad to see them not continuing in choir or moving on to the Cantores. You guys rock, see you next year.
Chorister Molly Ka: This tour was hands down the best tour I’ve been on. Not only was Canada a great location. But I also made so many great new friends. I’m so glad that I got to end my 3rd and final year in Concert Choir with such a great tour. Keep it “G” everyone.
Chorister Molly Kl: This was my first tour and it was completely awesome! I never knew so many of the younger girls and each day spent with them singing in beautiful Canada and every night with my host family was awesome. I’ll truly miss you guys. Stay the awesome singers you are.
Last comes me
Chaperone Sandy: What can I say? PGC has been a part of our lives for the last 4 years and a big part of my daughter Hallie’s musical growth. I have loved every tour starting with Ireland where I intentionally made myself “indispensible” as the self appointed photographer. Since then, I have grown with my techno expertise and my photography! But most of all I have grown because I have gotten to know so many wonderful girlchoir choristers and watch many of them grow into beautiful young women.
But let me tell you a little secret. The other compelling reason to be a chaperone, in addition to the friendships, is the incredible singing. And believe me when you get to hear these girls sing in churches, big and small, in senior homes, in community centers, in town plazas, in restaurants, in buses and in airports, you have truly experience the amazing joy of music and their love of singing . And every time I had the great fortune of hearing these concerts, scheduled and impromptu, I felt truly privileged to be a part of it. I was often at the point of tears hearing them sing these last few times knowing I also am “graduating” this tour. I will always “hear” their music in my head and I will miss you all desperately!!

This is your blog master signing off for the last time
P. S. We all had a great uneventful bus ride home, much shorter than expected, and everyone got home early and safely!!

Here's today 's photo link. You'd think on a bus all day, there would be nothing to photograph!!

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Day 5 July 11, 2009

PGC Tour 2009
Day 5 July 11, 2009
Weren’t we just blogging a few hours ago? Oh right that was yesterday’s recap
After somewhat of a leisurely morning –sleeping until 0722 heures – we picked up the ladies and again caught up with the host families and heard more comments about your wonderful children. Boarding our trusty autobus again we departed for the discussion given by Eric Whitacre at Le Mondial Choral Loto-Quebec, the choral competition happening in town. We were unbelievably blessed to be a part of his seminar. For an hour and a half he demonstrated, in his modest way, how incredibly brilliant he is and how he got to where he is. It was inspirational. He drew with flourish in the air how he creates and embellishes his creations. He primarily composes to poetry either newly or previously written and explained that he paints with music and uses blobs of music on canvas. So enthused were the girls that they got to meet him briefly, and he gracious, happily posed with the group. After our meeting a famous person, we traipsed off to find our lunch spot at Boston Pizza. Getting a tad lost because the hotel directions were SOOO bad, we had many slices of pizza and then took over the restaurant for the ninth grade’s paper plate awards. I think this event is a secret trip experience so I can’t say much about it, but all the girls thoroughly enjoyed it and everyone gets their day in the sun. After that we exchanged secret singer gifts as each person, including all the adults revealed who they thought their secret singer was. Of course we all cleverly had figured correctly and then we gave gifts to the person who had been trying to stump us. Back on the bus we headed over to the Cosmodome, Montreal Space Center, which is a space museum and … gift shop!! Most of us spent some money there. SHOPPING!! Of course by this time our day had turned from glorious and sunny to very wet and more wet. The rain was pelting down as we went in and even worse as we came out.
No matter we had another concert to perform at another senior center where there were many Jewish residents so we resurrected “Light One Candle” which brought tears to a few of our eyes. Audience participation made the song even more poignant and if any of you know me… The girls sang beautifully, when don’t they? And some of us acknowledged that this was their last tour concert and the last PGC concert for a few, including Mrs. Westrick. It was a lovely venue to end on as the seniors seem to be the most appreciative group for whom one can sing. We arrived in the pouring rain and had to carry the keyboard and stool in under those conditions, but when we left after singing “The Storm is Passing Over”, it was almost clear skies again. We did run into some flooding on the streets and the detour made by the bus was brilliant.
After our full afternoon we headed back to the community center (through the water puddles) to drop off the girls for dinner with their host families. Nine girls stayed with the chaperones (initially they weren’t so sure they liked this idea), because their host families could not get them back for our evening event in time. So we had nine adults and nine girls. The ratio was much more to our liking! After a sumptuous dinner at the hotel for the 18 of us, we once again boarded our trusty bus and headed to Sainte-Rose’ church for the concert. We met all the girls there and after an exciting wind storm we got inside where Eric Whitacre conducted 12 of his pieces. We were mostly seated in the balcony and had a good view of the chorus and him. He is still brilliant and we all loved the concert. While the concert was in session the rain pelted, the thunder clapped and the lightning flashed which clearly added to the music and Eric loved the external sound and light show. We even lost electricity at the very end of the song – it was almost as if the heavens were responding to his music! He had hoped it would return when he conducted his composition “Cloudburst”, but for that song it only rained. Most of the girls were met afterwards by their host families and a few we delivered back to the community center. We are getting pretty familiar with the layout in this area. We said our goodnights and told them we would be heading home tomorrow at 0730.
This is your blog master signing off. And if my secretary ever knew I could do this blogging, she would be shocked!! And probably quite impressed.
It’s been fun. I will do one more update tomorrow night with the remaining photos from tomorrow so stay tuned!!
2346 heures , gotta go do the photos now!!
Bonne Nuit! 0031 heure, 7-12-2009 Here is the link to today’s gorgeous photos

Thanks again to my assistant blogmaster, Cindy Batchelder

Day 4 July 10, 2009

PGC Tour 2009
Day 4 July 10, 2009
Okay, okay we’re late for this one. Well, the girls went to their host families last evening and we diligent chaperones came back to the hotel to have an early night and catch up on our sleep. Right?
Scratch that, we came back and changed our clothes and went back to Montreal which is 40 minutes away by taxi and metro for a lovely dinner out. Which meant we returned home late and did not have the energy to put words to paper. But we had a very nice time together sharing a wonderful dinner.

Now on to our day yesterday with the girls.
We picked them up at 0800 from the community center and met with a number of the host families to hear how their past evenings were. They all had great stories to tell. One chorister said her host family father was very funny and he said the only rule in the house was that you cannot be shy! Well, I think a number of the girls may have been a little shy but it is a good experience for them to get a little out of their comfort zone and experience this sort of hospitality. The families are so excited to have the girls with them and a number told me that their girls were quite engaging, tres (that means very in French) polite and well mannered, and mature young ladies. Now if that does not sound like your child, you must give her more credit! After chatting with the host families, we all boarded our second home (le autobus) for Montreal.
We toured Montreal by bus in the morning learning much more about the multicultural, multiethnic and multilingual city. 180 different languages are spoken here. We drove through the city and saw Magill University, and statues like the illuminated crowd (see photos), Montreal’s “Wall Street”, Jacques Cartier's Crooked Bridge, Six Flags Roller Coasters, the largest cemetary in Canada, the Olympic tower (built 8 years AFTER the Olypmics - government at its best) and many more interesting sites before we climbed the local mountain, Mont Royal which is a grand 700 feet tall. Walking to the summit of Mont Royal (500 feet through a wooded path) we had a glorious view of the city and beyond where we had photo ops and a good leg stretch. Back on bus we drove to St. Helene’s which is an island where we took more photos of old Montreal city (Molson Building in foreground for the beer drinkers). St Helene’s hosted Expo 1967 which was like a world fair and the US provided a geodesic dome called the biosphere. Did you know that Montreal sits on an island as well? And the name came from Mont Royal= Montreal.
Back to the heart of the city, we stopped at the train station again for lunch and went one floor below yesterday where we had another great choice of food to sustain us! The girls had packed lunches from their host families so many chose to eat their lunches and a few bought Chinese or salads or sandwiches. After fueling up we were off to Basilique Notre Dame de Montreal to sing their first concert of the day dressed in their black dresses. They sang beautifully and looked even better. This elaborate church is called a basilica because it has been given its Basilican status because it is an important church in the city. (We had to ask Fred ,Jan’s husband what a Basilica is). Also within the Basilica was the Chapelle Norte Dame du Sacre Coeur which has an amazing bronze sculpture depicting the story of Easter holy week. It is in the photos, gang. This chapel burned down and was rebuilt in the 1970’s which is when the sculpture was added. After their concert we lucked out to hear an organ concert from the 7000 pipe organ.
Back up Mont Royal to St Joseph’s Oratory Crypt (shabbier than its big brother upstairs but more welcoming) for another beautiful concert just before mass. The most devout Catholics climb the 99 steps on their knees; we did not do that! The domed green roof is the Oratory. Of course with our 45 minutes to wander, 5 were spent wandering the grounds and climbing some steps, the rest were in the gift shop!! Back on the bus we drove through rush hour again back to Laval where we released our ladies to their families for the evening. Hopefully they were less shy last night and we will hear stories of their adventures this morning.
Your bloggers are signing off, need to move on to pick up the girls!

Here's yesterday's photo link

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Day 3 July 9, 2009

PGC Tour 2009
Day 3, July 9, 2009
2128 heure
Well, the end of another fabulous day. Starting this morning in Quebec and ending in Montreal/La Val, where our girls are getting to know French and their new Quebecois families!
We started this morning at 0700 with a departure from our super 8 hotel (with the fun slide) at 0830 heure. We had a 2 plus heures bus ride down to Montreal which gets us closer to home with every mile. As most everyone slept or read, the bus was much quieter this morning than on the way up here! Gary, our infamous autobus driver, let us stretch our legs on the outskirts of the city before we drove into the heart of Montreal. Saw some very spectacular buildings some left over from the 1976 winter Olympics, and the former home of the Montreal Expos (recently relocated to the Washington DC area and renamed the Nationals, for all you baseball fans). One looked like a ship plowing through the water. We had lunch in our chaperone groups at the Railroad station which was the fanciest station ever. We never even saw a hint of the Rails and Trains. There was a huge food court with every choice of ethnic food including Mickey dee’s (McDonalds), sushi, Chinese, Italian, hoagies, salads, Greek, etc – and of course – pizza. So lots of choices and the food court was surrounded with glorious shops for quality shopping- which is mostly window shopping. That was our 1 and a half hours of lunch and entertainment. Then we bussed to Place Jacques Cartier where there were numerous vendors of artistic endeavors. We had a guided walking tour for 2.5 heures and ended up back at the artsy vendors and ice cream stores for a few minutes of MORE SHOPPING. We saw on our walk numerous historic buildings and streets and sites, some of which may be in the photos, but don’t ask me any questions because I will fail that quiz!
We once again rendezvoused with Le Autobus and Gary and were whisked off to meet with our host families. Leaving Montreal at 1700 is not a good idea as there is this thing called commuter traffic. We all discovered what that was! So Gary persisted and we arrived at Laval a little late, around 1820 where we were met by many enthusiastic Quebecois’. Some of the girls remembered the girls they had hosted in the Spring so there were reunions and hugs around. We filed into the Centre de Creation Artistique to socialize and eat from a wonderful array of homemade foods provided by the host families. It was very curious as the girls were all (both French and American) quite shy and reticent to gab with each other. After eating our girls performed about 7 chansons to the delight of our hosts and we even had to borrow two metal spoons to use as the triangle for the French Arcadian song. Check out the photo of the spoon washer! Jan even enlisted Fred (favorite husband) to turn pages of the music.
Then the girls were introduced and handed off to their host families and Bonne Nuits were hailed around the room. They were spirited off and we adults were dropped at the local hotel by 2100 heures for an evening off. Hey wait a minute-Is this what you call an evening off? Here I sit writing, downloading photos, culling through them for the best, uploading them, creating this blog for your pleasure and this is my evening off? I want more money!! OH right, I PAID to be here!
Having a wonderful time- Wish you were here 

Thanks again to Cindy for helping tonight. We are signing off at 2353. Bonne Nuit

Here is the link to today's photos. Everyone and their host families are at the end!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 2 July 8, 2009

PGC Tour 2009
Day 2, July 8, 2009
2108 heures
Another long but fun filled wonderful day!!
Started early with a 700 heure wake up call, le petit dejeuner at 730 and we rendezvoused to board the bus at 830. Headed off to the old city of Quebec where we had a local tour guide, Linda, who pointed out all the important sites and absolutely kept us laughing. We saw the citadel, the funiculaire, the old European streets and the most photographed hotel in North America, Chateau Frontnac, which has an amazing copper roof and about 45 dormers! She let us out to take photos a number of times and then we were dropped off to walk the Place de Royal before our “concert” at the oldest stone church in North America, north of Mexico, Eglise Notre Dame des Victories. See we did learn something!! Lugging the key board up a very steep hill with the help of some of our choristers it was set up in the church for the performance. Then we did a walking tour of Place de Royal and had a few moments in our chaperone groups before gathered to sing in the church where the alter area is actual gilded with gold leaf. (See the pictures to follow! There is a boat in the church – see if you can find it in the photos) The ”concert” went off without a hitch and we really appreciated having our personal cheering squad of our four shadowing families. It was fun to gather with them for a moment. Starving, in our groups we headed out for lunch and shopping. Some of us had very brief inexpensive lunches and some had crepes at the creperie! Some got to wander and some didn’t because lunch took too long. But the crepes were worth it!!
Met the bus back at the funiculaire and we headed off to our second concert of the day at St Patrick’s Seniors Residence. They entertained the seniors who were the most appreciative audience they have ever sung for. Many of the ladies in the audience sang along to La Violetta much to Mrs. Westrick’s delight and confusion, and they enjoyed the spirituals and Never, Never Land. Imagine a wildly and enthusiastic senior citizen audience and you got it! After many cookies and fruit and cheese bites later, we left the seniors’ home and – with a change of plans- returned to the old city and the real reason we are here -- shopping!! The girls are doing their best to stimulate the provincial economy!! We once again rendezvoused with Gary and LE AUTOBUS to head off to La Vielle Maison du Spaghetti, or the old Spaghetti factory as we lovingly refer to it. Caesar salad, pasta, bread and brownies were bought by the girls as they SANG for their supper with “The Storm is Passing Over” which they danced as well as sang with Mrs. Westrick directing! The appreciative wait staff were very impressed and it is truly an honor for us as well when they erupt into song that way!
Surprise, surprise, when we headed BACK to the old city where Mrs. Westrick called 12names and --- all the ninth graders were called off the bus! They were shocked as they had been convinced that because of the home stay situations there would be no special ninth grade activity. So they were spirited away with Jan and Janet and the rest of us headed back to our hotel with the girls singing on the way home. The 7th and 8th graders packed and went swimming and hopefully by now are going to bed.
Now it is 2200 and Jan and Janet are regaling us with the ninth grade activity. They did a tour of the Chocolate Museum and each girl (plus Jan and Janet) picked out a special chocolate treat. Jan and Janet say they sang their way through their activity with favorite songs from every musical venue right outside the Chocolate Museum. One gentleman was recording it on his cell phone. (Will we hear them on utube?) As the girls sang to each other and for themselves people gathered to enjoy their chansons because Quebecians are so in tuned to street performers. Our ninth graders gelled as a group, and we recognize that the other girls were doing the same kind of gelling in the pool and at the hotel.
Tomorrow is another early day so hopefully they are all in their rooms readying for bed.
Signing off at 2212
Bonne Nuit

Here is the link to today's photos, enjoy (now it is after 2400!! This sport is exhausting- tonight Janet and Cindy helped create this blog)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 1 July 7, 2009

PGC Canadian Tour 2009
July 7th Day 1
1730 hours or so
And a long one it is!! Everyone has been very patient and had a good time despite being stuck in a bus for almost 12 hours!! We are just approaching our first stop - Quebec City.
To recap the day:
We departed PDS parking lot a little after 6 am. And heading … NORTH - Au Canada –
Around 8 am we made a stop at a dunkin donuts, starbucks, concession stand road stop to switch bus drivers and to stretch our legs. Back in the bus until Vermont where we stopped at the most glorious road stand with big wooden carved bears and a decorated fiberglass moose in front of which some had their pictures taken. The gardens were flourishing – maybe it rains a lot here? - and we got to pick our secret singers. We will give our “person” clues about ourselves and hopefully after 4 clues and days our “person” will figure out who their secret singer is. Lots of whispering going on now!
Back on the bus and headed into Canada. We disembarked at customs where we were all processed and got our passports stamped. It was relatively painless and quick and we all made it through. So now in Canada and the rain, the rain and the rain keeps a’ comin! During a particularly thrilling thunderstorm, we got hail pounding the top of the bus, lightening flashing outside, and heavy pelting rain but our driver, Gary, brought us through it with flying colors. We love our bus driver and practically gave him a standing ovation when the rain stopped. (Actually the girls were busy chatting telling ghost stories, listening to ipods, playing different card games and sleeping, Us adults were the ones clapping the driver’s driving skills).
It’s a very amiable group of girls and there is a wonderful hum of talk and quiet singing behind us with the occasional out loud laughter! Mrs. Westrick just practiced their voices for about 20 minutes, second time today, and we feel privileged to be here with their chansons (song, for you Spanish, Chinese or Latin speakers) surrounding us.
Lunch and many snacks later the girls and adults are well fed and really ready to be there and on to the next event! Will pick up later!
2125 military time
Arrived at Hotel Super at 1745, everyone quickly dispersed to their four person rooms to unpack (ha) and eat more junk food- I caught them! This was appetizers for dinner which occurred at 1930 at a especially nice restaurant Jardin de Tang (yes, we came all the way to Quebec City and ate Chinese food)
Actually it was a great choice because the girls had a good variety of meats, fish .soups, salads, veggies and an amazing dessert buffet which we left empty. Those with energy went to the indoor pool which has the tallest circular slide splashing into the pool ever- all those little brothers- eat your hearts out!
Some of us chaperones are lifeguarding while some are doing hall duty and then you have us bloggers. Hopefully we have figured out how to add photos and you can see how our group played all day. Tis a long day and we want to go to bed – but we still have an hour more of chaperoning to do = snore

Here is the link to today's photos- finally!!
tomorrow pictures of the pool slide!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Getting Ready

Two days to blast off. 44 choristers, 6 chaperones, one choir director, one tour manager and our loyal cheerleader are heading off to Canada in less than 48 hours. Are you all ready!!?? I am not! We will try to post an entry every evening so stay tuned. And we love to have your comments so we know you are out there!!